The New Age Movement Vs Christianity – Part 2

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The book of Malachi is a book of correction; a book and jesus gospel of love prophetic message of Gods love. Gods love is shown and understood through His motivation to correct us and His continuation to place us under His authority and care. God is love. His son Jesus Christ for whom He sent is the light of the world for whom shown himself among the darkness and was clearly a physical manifestation and example of Gods love to man kind. For one could say that Jesus Christ is love which cleverly arrived, developed and exited this physical world through a metamorphosis that the world has neither witnessed before or after His event. What could be a greater expression of Gods love than to send His son as a representative and to allow His murder in order to give a message of salvation for all mankind? There is clearly none greater. God obviously wants to have a relationship through His son with any and all who will call upon Him.

The book of Malachi emphasizes the second return of Christ…long before Christ has even arrived for the first time. Because the book of Malachi is within the Old Testament…how could the prophet’s had known that Christ would return if He had not yet arrived? Christ had not yet arrived for the first time to deliver the message for which the Father sent Him. This should be compelling that not only does the Old Testament declare many truths and prophetic messages that can be related to our every day lives, but the Messiah, the Christ is predicted over 300 times before his first arrival. Not simply that He would arrive; but how, where and when. How could such precision, such commonality, such consistency be coincidence? It’s not (Book or Video – Lee Strobels “A Case for Christ”).

Furthermore, Jesus Christ’s coming and return is a statement by God for which man should not ignore or disregard due to issues of historical time and cultural amnesia. His coming is inevitable regardless of cultural relativism, secularism, culturalism, or the ostrich head in the sand technique of human ignorance.

It begins in Chapter One with an eye opening message for a clear and present problem involving those who claim to be Gods leaders and representatives. What seems most interesting is that God’s word is clearly unchanging; it addresses problems that existed in past history and even today. This idea is reinforced in the Book of Malachi in which it is stated in (3: 6) “I am the Lord Almighty, I do not change.” God will address issues that existed yesterday and today – with the same position and unchanging values and universal truth. He understands His creation and naturalistic order and when issues of man backed by Satanic agenda threaten these systems; He always holds true to correcting through love.

In the book of Malachi the system for which God feels has been distorted or corrupted by man is the honorable position of becoming a leader, a representative and guide for God.

Historically, a sacrificial, customary and spiritual processes to sacrifice ones best to God was prominent among those who served God. Ones best of their flock upon the alter to God was the expectation with no exceptions. Historically within the agricultural societies, animals, especially the best of the flock or herd were of great financial worth. To sacrifice one which was of great worth was to sacrifice ones best to God. Today, ones best in flock, herd or animals represents our assets of value or our monetary worth which is a product of our work and physical toil. In a way, one could say we are working for God, to pay God for his reverence, guidance and His decision in allowing our existence through creation.

Money is of great importance within the world. It can be useful or it can perpetuate evil. Regardless, it is what man finds value in, primarily due to its ability to sustain our basic needs and much more. Sacrificing this social energy or monetary element to sustain a church for which has no choice but to operate on this energy or monetary element that continues to allow systems to function according to man and societies rules is something God knows is very important. It is money that pays the building cost’s; it is money that pays the electric and gas bills; it is money that assist with paying salaries for those working overtime to disseminate Gods word to the world; it is money that funds the television and radio networks, etc. In order to retain an orderly society with function and purpose, man must work and monetary energy must be a product of such action for which allows systems to function for the sustainment of man and some purpose. Money is necessary. Money is to be sacrificed as an expression of our faith in God. God in exchange will not fail those who have kept this commandment in mind. The created laws of the universe, such as reciprocity always enforce their existence when man acts upon their requirements. If we give, God will always give back; many times in greater amounts in which we gave. This is universal law; as gravity, the speed of light, etc.