Whisky Regions of Scotland

Just as France has its wine regions, Scotland has its whisky areas. Each one produces whiskies of diverse qualities which, even to the beginner, are sizeable in flavor, coloration and aroma. Every distillery in Scotland has its own tale to inform and bizarre traditions, adding to the romance and mystique of Scotch whisky distilling.

A visit to a whisky distillery is an unforgettable non alcoholic online store and unique experience, and irrespective of in which you’re in Scotland there will be a distillery nearby. A trip spherical Scotland isn’t viable for every person, so it facilitates to be knowledgeable approximately the traits of each area’s whisky, and tailor journeying distilleries to character taste.


The lowland vicinity covers the location from the border with England and from the Clyde estuary to the Tay estuary. The foremost characteristic of lowland whiskies is their dry, mild flavour and coloration, specifically because of the lighter lowland barley and smaller quantity of peat used inside the barley drying method. Although they’re mild, they have got a sweet, nearly fruity flavor and make a high-quality aperitif, best for the newcomer to Scotch whisky ingesting. Notable lowland whiskies are Auchentoshan, Bladnoch, and Glen Kinchie.


This is the most important of the Scottish areas and stretches from the lowland boundary right up to the north coast, and from west coast to east coast, taking in all the mountains, glens and moorland between. It is likewise the maximum complex of whisky areas due to the one-of-a-kind sub-areas, every one producing whiskies of various characteristics.

Northern Highland

Northern Highland whisky tends to be stronger tasting with a complex array of flavours and aromas. Hints of heather and spice mingle with light peaty, smokiness to provide a medium-bodied person. Some whiskies actually have a very slight tinge of salt, perhaps due to the coastal places of maximum distilleries. Notable northern Highland whiskies consist of Glenmorangie and Brora.

Southern Highlands

Whisky from the southern highlands is typified through its gentleness. The soil in the rolling hills is mild and produces further mild tasting barley which paperwork the majority of whisky’s taste. It is also very fragrant and flowery, with a gentle, candy taste. Celebrated southern Highland whiskies are Glengoyne, Edradour, and Tullibardine.

Western Highlands

The western highland whiskies are extra robust in person than those of other Highland areas. Slightly peatier than inland whiskies, they’ve well-rounded flavours, and are very clean on the palate. Notable western Highland whiskies are Oban, Glen Lochy and Ben Nevis.


Although Speyside is inside the highlands, it’s far classed as a whisky vicinity due to its excessive concentration of distilleries. This is the heartland of whisky with two thirds of all Scotland’s distilleries, some of them the maximum famous within the international. Rivers along with the Spey and Livet float from the Cairngorm mountains and their waters’ purity is hallowed by way of distillers.

Speyside whiskies are mild and candy, fashionable and complex. They aren’t peat-heavy and have most effective a touch of peaty smokiness. Some Speyside whiskies are family names, together with Glenlivet, Macallan, Glenfiddich and Aberlour.